Identity and Risk Analytics

Uncover Security Risk and Improve your Security Posture

Identity analytics is the next evolutionary step in Identity Governance and Administration WX+B Cyber's approach combines Big Data,Advanced Analytics, and Statistical inference Algorithms to increase identity-related risk awareness and enhance and automate IAM processes such as access certification,access request,role management,separation of duties(SOD) and Role Mining.

Automated Threat Discovery

Identity orphaned accounts,over-extension of priviledged access,and problematic behaviour before they escalate to more serious threats.We use the best of breed technologies and products leveraging advanced artificial intelligence(Ai) and predictive analytics techniques to automate these processes,so that you get security and peace of mind.

81% of data branches are the result of weak,stolen,or abused passwords

-2017 Verizon Data Brench Report

Features of Identity Analytics

Identity Data Warehouse

Aggregate Identity and Account information and corelate it to provide a clear picture of who has access to what ,when the access was granted and who who approved it.

Advanced Analytics

Discover risk using powerful Machine Learning and Ststistical Inference Algorithms, such as anomaly detection,toxic assignment of privileges(SOD) and rogue accounts.

Actionable Insights

Fix discovered issues and automate remediation using RPA platforms.Discovered outlier access can be marked for removal.Identity analytics leverages API integration to automatically send de-provisioning systems

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