WX+B Cyber Managed Security Operations Centre

Detect Early, Prevent Attacks and Maintain A Healthy IT Security Posture With Our Managed SOC

WX+B Cyber managed Security operations centre (SOC) is the ideal solution for enterprises to beat the evolving cyber security challenges. Our solution is driven to provide security expertise, advanced data analysis, threat intelligence, agility, efficiency and automation, tailored for providing enterprise security. Enterprises now can swiftly see the threat and respond in real-time at minimal costs with minimal disruption. WX+B Cyber has proven experience of managing SOC for customers across various industry domains.

Benefits of Managed SOC

  • Provides real time monitoring, advanced data analysis with customized reports, and dashboards, to detect, prevent, and address security threats and oversee your overall IT security.
  • Your organization safety is placed in the hands of highly skilled security experts, with deep understanding of IT security technologies.
  • No training required for your internal team
  • Eliminates need for large CAPEX investment for an in-house SOC, as managed SOC is cost effective, and easy to deploy. Ease in monitoring and provides greater visibility and alerting.
  • Swiftly respond to threats, and protect your organization assets and brand reputation
  • Fully regulatory compliant, and the SOC is ready with audit reports whenever need arises

WX+B Cyber Managed SOC Services include

Log management and monitoring

Log collection, and 24/7 event log monitoring helps in early detection

Threat detection

Advanced data security analysis using threat intelligence services

Threat intelligence services:

Our team will compile several security events using security information and event management (SIEM) environment, and threat feeds. You can get an overview of critical vulnerabilities, and malware attacks.

Incident response services

Onsite staff will work with your IT teams to help mitigate threats with best response capabilitiesn

Service management and reporting:

Use our portal to report incident, raise service requests and our SOC team will ensure quick issue resolution, You can track ticket status work logs, action taken by SOC teams, and also view reports daily, weekly, monthly, based on the type of system attacks.

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Our Identity and Access Management Partners

We partner with the top Identity and Access Management companies and have expertise across a wide variety of security products, which allows us to design — or custom develop — the perfect solution for you.