Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Why You Need Multi-Factor Authentication?

Passwords alone are not enough to protect your organization from threats. That’s where multi factor authentication(MFA) or two-factor authentication (2FA) come in. MFA helps prevent unwanted access by introducing adaptive identity checks to the user login process.

The Multi Factor Authentication Solution

MFA implementation is challenging. WX+B Cyber with its expertise in handling different security products and applications is well positioned to design a proper MFA solution, provide seamless implementation, Being a leader in managed security service provider (MSSP), WX+B Cyber is capable of integrating solutions like SSO and user life cycle management.

How Does Multi-Factor Authentication Work?

When a user attempts to login to an application or system, the multi factor authentication engine verifies that user’s identity using one or more of the following prior to granting access.

Features of Multi Factor Authentication

Something you HAVE

This is a physical item that you carry, such as a PKI smart card, Yubikey, or a smartphone (where you can receive one-time SMS pass codes or a voice prompt for authentication).

Something you KNOW

A popular method of two factor authentication includes asking the user one or more security questions before granting access. PIN numbers and passphrases are also commonly used.

Something you ARE

Biometric factors are difficult to hack, which is why this is one of the strongest multi-factor authentication techniques. Popular deployments include facial, retinal, and fingerprint scans.

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