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WX+B Cyber Security specializes in Identity and Access Management, Identity Administration and Governance, and Privileged Access Management services. We strive to be your trusted security advisor, lead the way in the adoption of the Zero trust Privilege model, the use of Artificial Intelligence for Identity and Access Management, and provide innovative cloud managed security services. We can design the perfect Identity and Access Management solution for you and provide ongoing managed services — leveraging products from industry leaders like Okta, Sailpoint, PlainID and SSH or, if necessary, custom develop a solution from scratch to fit your specific needs

We Can Help You with

Identity Governance and Administration

Take control of your access control policies with powerful tools for user provisioning, lifecycle management, auditing, and compliance.

Single Sign-On and MFA

Are your employees juggling multiple sets of credentials? Use master login for seamless access.

Privileged Access Management

Protect administrative access to your critical systems with a “never trust, always verify, enforce least privilege” model.

Zero Trust Privilege

Relying on outdated strategies for protecting administrative access needs to be replaced with a “never trust, always verify, enforce least privilege” model

Security and Identity Risk Analytics

Discover hidden risks in your organization by leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

Data Security and Loss Prevention

DLP can help prevent lawsuits, loss of reputation, loss of credibility,loss of revenue

Cloud Security

Most enterprises are storing data in the cloud. This too has become risky with many malicious malware targeting data in the cloud.

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