What is Asset Management Integration?

Integrating Asset Management with Identity Management provides visibility into all of your organization’s assets with accuracy, ease and simplicity. You are able to painlessly report on assets for inventory, compliance, and audit purposes. When integrated with your Human Resources and IT Helpdesk systems, this results in a seamless process for setting up new staff, coordinating changes in staff assignments, and collecting all assets when staff leaves the organization.

Why It Is Important?

When Asset Management is integrated with Identity Management, it becomes easier to track and manage your physical assets like laptops, phones, etc. This simplifies deployments of upgrades and replacements, and facilitates the challenge of collecting assets once individuals have left the organization. Our experts can guide your firm to effectively integrate Asset Management into your Identify Management solution so you can reap these benefits.

WX+B Cyber provides you with a consultancy team that specializes in helping clients identify and solve gaps in your organization’s Identity Manager system and its compliance reporting capabilities. By collaborating with our esteemed expert consultants, you are saying yes to a partnership that will allow your team to craft policies and controls that are guaranteed to suit your business identity, meet your regulatory requirements, strategize a successful IAM solution, and implement it to maximum effect.