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Every environment is unique and comprised of complex systems and processes that should be considered in detail when evaluating an IAM decision.

At WX+B Cyber, we are not just IAM technology consultants: we are experts on business optimization and automation. Our blueprints meticulously analyze your current stage in the IAM maturity cycle and we present plans built upon your organization’s scope, alleviating the need to uproot your entire foundation and ensuring that shareholders’ needs will be met. In an era where the relationship between users and the enterprise is continuously evolving, it’s imperative to trust implementors that are not only experts in IAM architecture like role building, identity synchronization, and privileged user management, but who also understand the business value of impeccable compliance posture as well as the competitive advantages of automation.

But it’s not simply about understanding these values. At WX+B Cyber, we have a proven history of creating long-term strategic views built upon manageable phases to optimize your organization’s resources while expediting the time to value. We offer deep expertise in deploying and supporting Identity & Access Management products, including the knowledge of how to plan for and overcome the unexpected nuances. Anticipating how your needs might evolve, we provide subject-matter expertise, best practices, patterns for implementation, technical problem resolution, and strategic ideas to ensure scalability and elasticity as you grow.

We help you capture the minute-to-minute details that create a manageable and sustainable IAM roadmap.

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Understand exactly where you are and the options for where you want to be.

Formulate strategy with your entire maturity matrix in

Create a project plan that includes schedule and resource plans.

All building blocks for a successful Identity Management implementation.

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Current State Analysis

Assemble key stakeholders over a two-day working session to assess the current internal environment and establish high-level goals for IAM.

During the session, clients can expect a wide-ranging overview of trends and ideal vendors along with our professional recommendations based on the emphasized business issues. At the end of the two days, project drivers will be documented, current processes inventoried, and high-level use cases proposed, resulting in a short term (1-2 year) roadmap for IAM investment.

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The strategy phase analyzing business needs around access control and identity management.

The blueprint will consist of product agnostic architecture and design that ensures stakeholder needs are met.

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The multi-phase plan to turn the blueprint into an operational set of integrated applications and solutions backed by a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA).

It will identify any risk/problem areas that may affect the successful IAM implementation. Proactive planning for potential risks to ensure seamless and successful integration. A cost estimate for implementation will also be provided.

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WX+B Cyber partners with industry-leading IAM technology companies.

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Learn more about how IAM technology works and how we use it to protect organizations in our overview.

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