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Identity Management

Identity Management

While Access Management is about authorizing an account’s access to a system or process, Identity Management is about authenticating an account’s identity prior to determining their associated access

It is imperative to any company to maintain unique identities for all their users and service accounts to ensure that the right people are getting access to the right systems.

WX+B Cyber takes out the guess-work of managing identities by automating tasks such as verification of identity attributes (i.e. ensuring a password and a fingerprint were provided) and assigning them their designated roles within each of your core systems. Despite the emergence of Access Governance solutions that focus on Access Request Management, Access Recertification, or SoD (Segregation of Duties) management and enforcement, Identity Management remains a core capability of IAM infrastructures.

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Identity Management Solutions are commonly organized around these key components:

Workflow engine for supporting request and approval processes, as well as automation of the management of a user’s identities and associated access


that enable interfacing with a variety of IT systems

Connector toolkits

for rapidly developing custom connectors (i.e. for older, legacy systems)

Identity repository

ensuring the links between your various systems and the IAM tools to ensure consistency of identity and access at all times

Reconciliation engine

as a source of truth in order to identify unauthorized changes in your connected IT systems

User self-services

such as password reset capabilities and management of information associated with their identity

Delegated administration capabilities

to automated many parts of the admin process, such as provisioning and de-provisioning

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