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Those are the questions you ask before embarking on any IAM Project. To answer it requires not only a thorough understanding of your current state but also the technologies which best suit your case. That’s where WX+B Cyber comes in. We work closely with you to carry out those assessments, which may include: compliance and identity management readiness checks, identity risk analysis, evaluation of vendors against business requirements, and identity-specific strategy workshops.

We know the ins-and-outs of the most sophisticated IAM systems out there and can provide clear and objective guidance for your Enterprise. Our technology partners understand that our client’s needs come first and respect that we only recommend solutions in their best interest. Even if you’ve already identified an IAM solution and merely require a second opinion, our professional guidance will objectively guide you on the solution most practical, scalable, and most closely aligned with your business goals/needs.

WX+B Cyber is proud to offer this evaluation at no cost to your organization.

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At WX+B Cyber, your business is our only focus, and we have partnered with the best software providers in the IAM industry to bring you sophisticated solutions for your complex problems. Backed by the industry’s leading analyst reports, our software boasts the highest implementation success rates, customer retention rates, and abilities to bi-directionally connect with anything in your environment. WX+B Cyber takes the guessing out of your security needs and lets you focus on the thing that matters most to you: your business.

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Identity Governance

While Identity Governance offers the opertunity to centralize identity controls and improve compliance posture, processes like building out roles and workflows can be time consuming and complicated.

With WX+B Cyber, you can focus on the business strategy and let us handle the procedural efforts that often create risks in implementations. We’ll ensure your Identity Governance platform is poised for automation, optimization, and is seamlessly integrated across your entire network of applications and user groups.

Identity Management

Identity Management is the collective administrative processes that grant a user access to applications and networks, and it can be tedious task to build out the necessary privilages and access rights for your products.

With an abundance of vendors, features, and levels of compatibility, it’s not only important to adopt a wholistic Identity Management platform but also one that will integrate optimally within your environement. WX+B Cyber can help you choose the right solution(s) for your business needs, integrate across your systems, and ensure that the proper controls and alerts are established.

Web Access Management

WAM is a type of technology used to authenticate users specifically for web applications. In the 21st century, a majority of the applications we use today are cloud-based and must be accessed through a browser.

Unfortunately, your company’s security is only as strong as your web security, which is an easy component to overlook. A compromised web application can bring down your services completely and potentially risk monetary damage to your organization. If your organization has legacy web applications that require WAM services, bring in the experts at WX+B Cyber to ensure your security is configured appropriately and your business remains unaffected indefinitely.

Unstructured data / DAG

With unstructured data accounting for 80% of an organization’s overall data, it’s imperative that proper security and controls are established to protect it.

But storage sites such as Box, SharePoint, and O365 can potentially house tens of thousands of files and unknown amounts of sensitive information with unknown amounts of user access. WX+B Cyber can help you extend your governance to unstructured data and ensure that all PII is accounted for and proper privileges established around it.


The corporate network has been designed the same way for decades. The problem is that in this day and age, the way a corporate network is implemented creates a slew of vulnerabilities due to the changing technology landscape (i.e. mobile devices and coffee shop Internet).

Multi-Factor Authentication requires at least two different forms of identification to be provided upon login before allowing access to critical systems and data. Without this, it only takes one user’s password to be compromised for a malicious user to gain access to your entire network. WX+B Cyber has built our entire IAM framework around technologies such as MFA and personally use it for all of our in-house systems. We have the capabilities to implement this technology for your most trusted systems without disrupting your employee’s workflow.

Privileged Access Manager

When we talk about access and identity, privileged access is hands-down the most important type of access to your organization.

While every system requires a privileged user to maintain it, most systems don’t provide you with the data of who are accessing those privileged accounts or what they are doing with their elevated access. With privileged access, a malicious user could make changes (including delete) to a system in an instant. WX+B Cyber takes Identity and Access Management very seriously, which is why we have partnered with a world-class PAM provider, ______. With this technology, you will have the capabilities to monitor privileged admin accounts, centralize privileged admin passwords in a single repository, and require privileged admins to work in timed sessions where all actions are logged.

Self-Service Password Reset

Requests for password resets account for the vast majority of help desks tickets, bogging down organizational productivity and costing companies time and money.

By adopting a self-service model, your users are enabled and the help desk is available to focus their efforts on more pressing organizational issues. WX+B Cyber can help you choose the right solution and implement it without affecting the productivity of your users and freeing up valuable resources within your company.


A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution is imperative in this day and age. Historically, organizations have had massive databases filled with logs of data that added no value to their organization.

While there is now a solution to interpret this data, many companies choose not to adopt SIEM because it seems too complicated or they think it can’t be used in their particular IT environment. By not monitoring the data traveling through your systems, you are risking your organization’s security posture by overlooking anomalies and malicious activities. At WX+B Cyber, we have partnered with Log Rhythm to provide you the best-in-class SIEM solution on the market. Using machine learning and advanced statistical analysis, WX+B Cyber can ensure you always have the capabilitites to meaningfully interpret your data and make strategic decisions based on the analysis.


Database Activity Monitoring is a pertinent tool to have in your toolbox in the 21st century due to the massive amounts of data traveling through databases at any given time

With malicious hackers and ransomware on the rise, you are putting great risk on your organization by not monitoring which users are accessing your critical databases. One malicious user has the ability to prevent backups and delete all the data residing on your database in one fell swoop. At WX+B Cyber, we leverage the DAM technology from Imperva to that provide you automated company-wide compliance and enforces database security by offering complete visibility into database user access, providing real-time security measures, and discovering potential vulnerabilities. With this solution, you can have peace of mind knowing your critical databases are secured.


Web Action Firewall (WAF) protects web applications from online attacks. When configured correctly, the technology is designed to adapt to threats, eliminate the risk of cyber attacks, mitigate data breaches, and ensure web applications meet regulatory compliance requirements.

The problem is that WAF solutions take expertise to configure and cause more harm than good when configured incorrectly. Incorrect adoption of WAF puts your company at risk of service shut down and theft of sensitive data. WX+B Cyber has partnered with an industry leader, Imperva, that provides a highly advanced (and highly customizable) WAF solution. With WX+B Cyber’s extensive knowledge of the product, you can rest easy knowing that your WAF solution is configured optimally.

Directory Service

A Directory service is used to map the names of network resources to their respective network addresses. This technology is essential in having a ‘source of truth’ for your system administrators to manage a network’s objects and their attributes.

By not adopting this service or limiting it’s potential, you risk compromising your master set of data that can house things such as the identity of your users. At WX+B Cyber, we leverage our partners at ForgeRock, an industry-leading Directory Service solutions provider, to ensure your Directory Service is secure and operating at a manner that adds significant value to your organization.

WX+B Cyber partners with industry-leading IAM technology companies.

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