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Leveraging WX+B Cyber and our extensive industry experience for the IAM implementation services process helps organizations avoid common IAM pitfalls and take a proven, structured approach to their deployment.

We leverage our battle- tested methodologies to communicate and document all phases of the processes. Our team can guide you through complex phases such as the integration of your enterprise applications with the IAM tool, the identification of the authoritative source for user data, and the highlight of criteria on which to provide access privileges.

From there, we work closely with your internal applications and business owners to automate and re-engineer business processes in order to create detailed workflow designs and map attributes.

In addition to ensuring a sound architectural design, WX+B Cyber helps to protect and enable your most valuable asset – your users. Ensuring users have secure, easy access to applications at the right permission level is top-of-mind throughout the implementation, and we work to empower their productivity through user-friendly training and support. WX+B Cyber can make IAM deployments frictionless, user centric, and focused on your current and future needs.

• Once the road map is in place for your IAM program, it’s time for WX+B Cyber to deliver. Using our structured model, we’ll help your organization avoid common IAM pitfalls. Throughout your deployment, we’ll leverage our proven processes and methodologies to communicate and document all phases of the project. Our team’s knowledge and experience are on hand to guide you through the entire process.

• Integrate your enterprise applications with cutting-edge IAM tools

• Identify an authoritative source for new and modified user data, and identify criteria on which to provide privileges (e.g., user role, location, department, or some combination thereof)

• Automate and re-engineer business processes while working closely with your internal business owners to create relevant, detailed workflow designs and map attributes

• Test and deploy your custom solution and provide extensive documentation

• Our engagements are priced competitively and at a flat rate

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We offer expert services related to the planning, implementation, and maintenance of all components of a comprehensive IAM environment in partnership with the industry’s leading software providers.

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WX+B Cyber partners with industry-leading IAM technology companies.

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