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Organizational leaders are faced with evolving cyber threats and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements around managing their access

As such, security and risk management leaders must ensure that the right people get access to the right resources at the right time and for the right reasons.

Identity Governance (IG) and Data Access Governance (DAG) are the essential foundation of an organization’s Governance strategy and ensure that leaders have the best-in-class tools to appropriately govern even the most complex IT environments. At WX+B, we can help you develop a comprehensive Governance strategy using our proprietary framework and fleet of tools that put you lightyears ahead of the average business.

Identity Governance Functions that our Solutions Provide

Entitlement management

Maintains an accurate link between a user’s identity and their associated access rights to always ensure access is appropriate. This solution includes creating and maintaining a catalog of entitlements as a knowledge base to describe types of accounts, roles, group memberships, and other granular entitlements.

Policy and role management

Enforces specific system policies (rules) that implements automatic provisioning or de-provisioning of access rights. This also provides valuable insight and visibility into what each access right entails, which reduces risk when making selections in access requests, approvals, and segregation of duty considerations. Defined roles with these considerations greatly magnify the power of policies.

Access certification

Ensures appropriate management and leaders within an organization to periodically attest the appropriateness of users and their associated access rights. This provides assurance that access policies and privileges are being continuously maintained.


Evaluates business rules and IT controls by comparing against the current state of identities and associated access rights, which provides your organization with the capabilities to catch exceptions (i.e. unauthorized changes made to an in-scope system) and therefore remediate them in a timely manner. This also provides you with the means to review a finding by providing audit logs of actions made by the unauthorized account.

Reporting and analytics

Provides a mechanism to deliver deep insights into otherwise useless data through the reporting functionality within our IGA tool. For example, this solution empowers you to conduct role mining in order to design and optimize specific role definitions. This analytics functionality even allows you to evaluate quality of service, ensure adherence to service-levl agreements and identify anomalies in datasets.

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Data Access Governance Achievements that our Solutions Provide

Empower business leaders

to take ownership in their organization’s Governance strategy to better maintain their data resources.

Provides the capabilities

to maintain ownership and entitlements across hundreds or thousands of systems and applications, from file shares and web applications down to individual Linux servers.

Removes complexity

by leveraging an all-in-one platform for access governance across systems, processes and data.

Enables a closed-loop validation process

that monitors all changes to data access permissions, giving you the data you need to make executive decisions and quickly address unauthorized access.

Manages data access

to reduce risk of compromise while maintaining an audit-ready body of evidence to validate compliance with both internal and external policies.


a significantly improved risk posture, reducing the likelihood and severity of potential data breaches or audit violations for your organization

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