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PAM - Privileged Access Management

Is your business in need of better procedures to monitor access to your most trusted systems?

With WX+B Cyber Privileged Access Management (PAM) services, we can ensure that privileged access to your organization’s critical systems is controlled effectively and that these accounts’ actions are continuously monitored. While all forms of IAM are important to a business, managing the access of privileged accounts is imperative to due to their elevated access (and elevated risk).

While IAM tools effectively manage your general system users, the elevated privileges of admin accounts require a more robust approach. As such, our PAM solutions handle everything related to admin accounts (both user and system accounts), from access provisioning and de-provisioning, user access certification of admin accounts throughout all your systems, and creating audit logs of all actions made with these accounts. In this integral part of your IAM journey, WX+B Cyber will help you to manage your privileged accounts and conquer your risk!

PAM tools provide organizations with the capabilities to secure privileged access to critical assets and inherently meet compliance requirements by monitoring these privileged accounts 24/7. PAM tools offer invaluable features that empower leaders to:

System Administration

Automates the discovery of privileged accounts across all systems, devices and applications. Gone are the days of individual system-generated user listings.

Manages privileged account credentials with enhanced automated capabilities such as randomizing passwords for privileged user or service accounts, whether they have acces to your servers or your in-house applications.

Maintains control of access to privileged accounts at all times by managing shared accounts or even allowing the generation of temporary emergency access. With advanced monitoring in place, our solution allows for you to monitor for malicious activity, isolate accounts as needed, and provide necessary audit evidence at any given time.

For human users:

Provide single sign-on (SSO) for privileged sessions, commands and actions securely to not reveal account credentials (passwords, cryptographic keys, etc.)

Delegate, control and filter privileged operations at a granular level for each of your administrators.

Ensure required levels of trust and accountability for privileged access by providing robust authentication capabilities across all systems, whether they be internal or external.

For services and applications:

Eliminate mundane processes like hardcoded passwords by making them available on-demand to applications. Two distinct tool categories have evolved as the integral focus for security and risk management leaders considering investing in PAM tools:

Privileged account and session management (PASM): With our solution, Privileged accounts are protected by vaulting their credentials. Privileged session management (PSM) functions establish individual sessions with full session recording and logging. Passwords can automatically be changed at defined intervals or when privileged users leave the company, greatly reducing your access management risks.

Privilege elevation and delegation management (PEDM). Our tools enforce rules for host-based agents to automatically grant specific privileges to individual users. This allows you to define what each user has access to, down to specific commands or actions, across your organization. At WX+B Cyber, we rank the most popular PAM solutions on the market to ensure we only offer the best in class. For more information on these evaluations, Please refer to the entry for “Product or Service” in the Evaluation Criteria section.

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