What Is Central Store for Identities?

A Central Identity Repository is the primary source and database of users for your Identity Management program. Establishing a central identity repository is necessary for streamlining and centralizing Identity Management tasks and functions like:

• Provisioning and deprovisioning
• Single sign-on
• Role-based Access Control
• Federation of Identity Management

There are many difficulties in establishing and maintaining a central identity repository, however. The information gathering process to begin centralization is complex and challenging. Once the information sources have been identified, the data normalization and application integration necessary are quite formidable and specialized functions that require detailed technical expertise. Our highly skilled consultancy has conducted hundreds (thousands?) of these implementations and has the knowledge and expertise to succeed in the most complex environments.

Why Is Central Store for Identities Important?

Implementing a central identity repository accomplishes two major organizational priorities at once: it simplifies the user management process by establishing a single location for managing users and user access, and it increases organizational security by eliminating the possibility of creating duplicate access or overlooking multiple accounts when changing access or deprovisioning users. It allows a single, holistic view of users and their access, streamlining user management processes.

Our team of experts can create a centralized identity repository for your organization that will cut costs, improve security and streamline your Identity Management operations.

WX+B Cyber provides you with a consultancy team that specializes in helping clients identify and solve gaps in your organization’s Identity Manager system and its compliance reporting capabilities. By collaborating with our esteemed expert consultants, you are saying yes to a partnership that will allow your team to craft policies and controls that are guaranteed to suit your business identity, meet your regulatory requirements, strategize a successful IAM solution, and implement it to maximum effect.