What is Corporate White Pages with Self-Service?

One of the benefits of a unified Identity Management program is the ability to automate an in-house corporate white pages. When the Identity Repository is global, up to date, and accurate, it can be integrated with your organization’s internal website and integrated company directory to provide comprehensive white pages services. This simplifies the process of staff finding and contacting other employees, eliminating the need for individual address books with duplicated data that becomes stale over time.

Why Is Corporate White Pages with Self-Service Important?

With comprehensive integration, users can update their own white pages details like office location, phone number, and even job title. This can free up data entry time for your IT and HR departments, by making it simple and easy for employees to update their contact information within the company directory.

A corporate white pages service that allows self-service access to update individuals’ entries is an excellent benefit of Identity Management that your HR and IT departments will appreciate.

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