What is Enterprise Reduced Sign-On?

Enterprise Reduced Sign-On is a practical, streamlined step on the spectrum of no sign-on integration to unified single-sign-on. No sign-on integration means that users have separate logins for every application they use. On the other end of the spectrum, single sign-on means that users log in once, and their credentials are passed from OS to applications seamlessly behind the scenes, without requiring additional authentication by the user through the course of their active session.

Reduced Sign-On is a more realistic midpoint between these two extremes. It can be embodied in one of two ways:

• User credentials are unified across applications and platforms with a single user ID and password per user, but due to automation limitations the user may be required to manually enter their credentials for some applications; or
• User credentials are unified, but due to increased security requirements on some applications the user will need to add an additional component to authenticate to a more secure application (like an RSA token or a biometric reading).

There are many difficulties in establishing and maintaining a central identity repository, however. The information gathering process to begin centralization is complex and challenging. Once the information sources have been identified, the data normalization and application integration necessary are quite formidable and specialized functions that require detailed technical expertise. Our highly skilled consultancy has conducted hundreds (thousands?) of these implementations and has the knowledge and expertise to succeed in the most complex environments.

Why Is Enterprise Reduced Sign-On Important?

True Single Sign-On is often more expensive, time-consuming, and resource-intensive than stakeholders may initially understand. Additionally, it doesn’t provide the additional strong authentication that highly sensitive applications may require. A thoughtful, well-planned Reduced Sign-On environment is the preferred solution for many organizations. The experts at GCA Technology Services can help identify the best options for your company.

WX+B Cyber provides you with a consultancy team that specializes in helping clients identify and solve gaps in your organization’s Identity Manager system and its compliance reporting capabilities. By collaborating with our esteemed expert consultants, you are saying yes to a partnership that will allow your team to craft policies and controls that are guaranteed to suit your business identity, meet your regulatory requirements, strategize a successful IAM solution, and implement it to maximum effect.