Managed Security Services

Automate identity and access management processes to boost user collaboration.

Security Threats? Smarter and Efficient Managed security services is what an organization needs to protect their data. MSS offers solution to information security on resolving issues like data theft, resource constraints, internal/external threats and strengthens your security defenses.

We offer our customers something truly unique: Identity and Access Management (IAM) as a Managed Service, based on market-leader products without regional borders.Our customers no longer have to deal with the question of hosting, but can concentrate entirely on their core business anywhere in the world. IAM is and remains the heart of digital transformation. In terms of flexibility and options, the product-based approach to IAM as a Managed Service differs greatly from conventional IDaaS offerings and the (often complex) on-premises installations.

Managing user identities and accesses has never been more important and challenging. Technical environments are growing in complexity. They must unite legacy systems with new trends, such as cloud or mobile, while demands for data security grow.

A fundamental part of protecting your data is providing the right people with the right access at the right time in a secure, compliant, and auditable manner. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a core IT security discipline that can help your organization with these security concerns.

Sample scope of IAM managed service offering

Our Support IAM Services

The nature of business is that strategies and visions are often subject to change. Outside factors may lead to you having to update your priorities – as the landscape changes and develops, so must your business – and the same applies to your IAM solution.

Our IAM Configuration and Support Services Include:

Ongoing support – enabling you to be able to operate your systems long after delivery.

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Resource Allocation:

Managed Service Delivery Manager: A senior certified technical Project Manager acting as the Delivery Manager to oversee and manage all ongoing managed service initiatives.

Point of Contact: For each managed service client, a senior resource will be appointed as Point of Contact to act as the bridge between client and managed service personnel.

IAM Specialists: Intermediate IAM Specialists handle the day to day managed services activities, including: interaction with the client, support, troubleshooting, report, etc.

Integration Specialist:Primary responsibilities includes integrating the required service providers and providing technical support to the application. Integration Specialist, develop and maintain services used in application integrations.


Lower Total Operating Cost (TCO)

  • Eliminates the need for the customer to hire, train and retain internal resources to Identity Management Identity and Access Management Deployments.
  • Replace a services expense significantly.
  • Eliminate the need to train its own administrators – typically one primary and two backup administrators would have to attend training.

Increased Value

  • Maximizing user adoption.
  • Reliable and timely system operation. For example, users should be provisioned quickly – in minutes, not hours or days.
  • Reducing system downtime

Strengthen Your Information Security and Compliance

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Our Identity and Access Management Partners

We partner with the top Identity and Access Management companies and have expertise across a wide variety of security products, which allows us to design — or custom develop — the perfect solution for you.