What is Automated Provisioning?

Automated Provisioning means that your Identity and Access Management system looks for changes to the Identity Repository and makes predetermined access changes accordingly. Some examples of automated provisioning include:

• New hire: the HR department creates a new employee record in the HR system, and the IAM solution detects this change and submits approval requests for email, directory, home drive, and specific application access.

• Bad faith actor: a rogue administrator in the IT team changes the access rights of an accomplice, adding them to a system administrator group. The IAM system identifies that this new access is incompatible or unexpected for the accomplice’s role, reverses the access, and flags it for IAM administrator review.

• Employee separation: A separation date is identified for an employee who is leaving the firm, and that date is assigned in the HR system. The IAM tool identifies the termination date and uses the date to set deactivation of all access rights for the employee.

Why Is Automated Provisioning Important?

Automated Provisioning can increase security, reduce administrative overtime, and hasten access for newly-onboarded and transitioning employees.

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